Treasure Hunter Winemaker Tasting with Hunter Vogel

December 16th | 8:00pm EST

Visit Link for Access to Live Show: https://winemakerwinetastings.com/live-show/

Simply log on to our website at the time of the show and you’ll have access to this virtual tasting.

Wednesday’s are for wine and on this week’s show, we have Hunter Vogel, owner/winemaker from Treasure Hunter Winery joining us. These wines are always fun to taste and Hunter is an amazing host. We used to own a wine shop in the Cleveland, Ohio market and had some amazing wine events with Hunter. Many of his wines are one and done. Hunter finds amazing deals on juice and creates his own blends and special wines. Grab a bottle- or a few, invite some friends over for a wine party and let’s have some fun.

Treasure Hunter Pink-A-Boo Rose
Mumbo Jumbo Chardonnay
Mumbo Jumbo Pinot Noir
Treasure Cellars 2018 Oakville Proprietary Blend

You can pick any of these wines up at your local wine shop. If they don’t have it in stock, it’s very easy for them to order. In the CLEVELAND, OHIO market, the distributor is Euro Fine Wines, so you can tell your wine buyer to order from them.

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