LIVE | Wine 101 with Adam & Kristen

Drinking wine is always fun however how much more confident would you feel when you are out with groups or even at a wine tasting if you knew more about wine, it’s smells and flavors? Well we have decided to do a fun Wine 101 class and we’ll walk you through various aspects of wine tasting. We will talk about different varietals, smells and flavors that come from them. Why a Cabernet from California tastes different than a Cabernet from France or Argentina.

There will be a Q & A in our chatroom. You can join the chat room here.

This app is called Discord and it works on your phone. Very easy to use. This way you can watch the show with your laptop or ipad. If you need help hooking up your laptop or ipad to your TV, please reach out to us and we will be happy to help.

There will not be specific wines you need for this event however we will post the ones that we are drinking so if you’d like to follow along you can.

This will be a FREE event, so both guests and our members will have access to this LIVE VIRTUAL TASTING.

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