Add Your Shop

Want Your Wine Shop to Sell More Wine? Become a partner and give your customers an amazing experience

Our project gives you one of the best tools you can find to help generate wine sales while giving your customers a very special experience. It’s not often wine lovers get to see and meet the winemaker. Or being in a chat room to ask questions. With our live virtual tastings they get both.

It’s simple. Promote the event to your followers, bring in the wines being used in the event so your customers can buy the wine and even have the live show played directly on your Facebook page. That’s right. You can tell your customers to simply visit your page on the day of the event and the show will air right there.

Self talkers and case cards are solid pos. However a live virtual wine tasting with a winemaker will blow your customers minds.

We offer two options.

  1. Simply bring in the wines we are tasting for the event and promote it to your base. We will list your store on the event page as a location where people can buy the wine and push people to your location. This costs you nothing and will generate some easy sales for you.
  2. Become one of our partners. Again, you’ll bring in the wine for the event and promote it. PLUS … we’ll add your shop to your website as a permanent placement and we will give you access to the live show so it can be streamed directly on your website.  This is being offered at just $20 a month. Sell a few bottles of wine in a month from our shows and it pays for the whole thing. Let’s be real, you are going to sell cases every month because of these shows. Get 12 people to buy just 1 bottle for each of our weekly shows, and that’s 4 cases of wine a month.

We are not just taking on any shop. We are looking at geography and we will not have two shops right by each other. We want to keep them spaced out so that each partner covers an area. So become a partner now and lock in your area. This really is a no brainer. One of the most unique tools you can use to generate new sales while offering your customers something pretty cool.